What agreement do you need to ensure if you split or if something happened to either of you, you and any of your children still benefit from what you brought to the relationship from a financial perspective, especially if you end up remarrying. hi me and hubby are thinking of selling our house and renting instead. Preparing yourself for the possibility of buying can help you secure a loan with no hassles. Find out what the rental market is like for your existing home, not just now but in the future. Selling your home may be the best choice if becoming a landlord is a stressful idea, but if you are interested in become a landlord, renting may be a great choice. The tenant or one of their guests causes ‘malicious damage’ in the home, such as setting up a cannabis farm or breaking the bannisters or bathroom fittings. After this fixed period, both you and the tenant tend to have to give two months notice unless a new six-month contract is signed. Kirkpatrick, who retired as a software development … ... it can be very difficult to sell in a timely manner if you need to. As a result it may be worth considering holding onto the existing property if the lender allows you to let the property via the existing mortgage. Find out how much you might have to spend on your own home to let it legally and safely to tenants. Step 2: Decide whether to let yourself or use a qualified agent who is a member of ARLA, NALS, RICS or UKALA. According to tax rules, the house will then remain part of your estate on your death, even if you live beyond seven years. If you sell first, expecting to be able to buy quickly after, you may be disappointed and instead have to rent for a time, which can prove very costly; If prices are rising fast, by the time you’ve sold your house and sorted out somewhere to rent, a new house will be much less affordable. Upfront fees to secure safety certificates such as gas, electric and possibly an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). If you let your property with sites such as AirBnB it can be lucrative, but it is very different to renting privately to long-term tenants and you need to understand the pros and cons of letting a property temporarily. The main reason for retaining your current home and letting it would be because you expect property prices to grow. The real cost or letting a home is keeping it well maintained and in particular legally and safely let. Tenants may sublet the property temporarily through the likes of Airbnb or permanently taking rent themselves from tenants who have not been approved. Step 15: Reference your tenants – Comprehensive referencing includes affordability, employment status and credit checks, as well as a reference from a previous landlord, Step 16: Ensure the tenants deposit is protected. If you gain an additional property due to inheritance, you may have to pay tax on the property’s value. Step 7: Understand the current market and which properties you are ‘competing against’ for tenants. Using a very simple example of Capital Gains Tax (CGT): So, in the above example, you would pay tax on £150,000 – £100,000 = £50,000 – capital allowance of £11,300* = £38,700. Alternatively, rather than renting both properties you could instead take a few weeks off work and stay in the new area or property type you are thinking about buying. Your email address will not be published. We sold in June and moved into rented accommodation. Taxation on ‘second homes’ including buy to let can be much higher than investing money in other ways. TV and phone packages tend to be quite competitive, but you should review them annually as prices can increase faster than inflation, so if you are notified of a price rise, make sure you double check you are on the best rate. An easier way to let legally is to let through an agent that is a member of. All content is for informational purposes only and should not be considered tax, savings, financial, or legal advice. There are three ways of working out what your property might be worth in the future. One way to get around this is by paying rent to your children. Your email address will not be published. With the property market on hold and in-person house viewings suspended, many agents are offering online viewings instead – but would you buy or rent a home you’ve never seen in person? Emotionally it can be difficult to part with a family home. If you do get things wrong, it is important to know that Local Authorities are being asked to step up their efforts to prosecute landlords who don’t let a property legally and safely. Renting It Out ... What is the best way to sell your house. It may be possible to agree a mortgage payment holiday. Finally, it’s also wise to work out the future running costs too, say over five years, as costs are likely to go up. Being able to give notice to vacate lets you test relationships, whether that’s a new flatmate or a new partner Story continues below ... s health declines, sometimes there is a need to move fairly quickly. Maybe you should rent instead. Example of selling your house and going into rented then changing your mind to re-join the property ladder, You may choose to sell your house as your mortgage is coming to the end of its term and you won’t pass a credit check, Get a lodger to help with the mortgage payments so you can keep your house, When you consider selling your house and going into rented you need to look at whether house prices are rising or falling, Interest rates can go up or go down but so can rents increase or decrease, The debt may trap you into keeping your house so you cannot sell to rent instead, If you sell your house to rent instead you won’t have the asset to pass on to your children, I hope you’ve enjoyed this article about selling house and renting instead. One of these problems on its own can be very stressful, especially if you are a long way away, on holiday or have a busy day job and a family to look after too. However, for those that are good landlords, providing safe and legally let properties and treat their tenants like customers, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You've decided to sell your house and move to something smaller or to another town. The key areas you can reduce the CGT you pay include: Step 1: Seek your lenders permission in writing to let your original home or choose a new mortgage. Before making such a drastic move though, it could be worth doing it temporarily to check it’s the right thing for you, rather than diving in. The lender requires the rent to be a percentage above the mortgage, for example 145%, but if rents dip your rental income may fall below this ratio, which if you need to re-mortgage may be an issue. Any additional money you spend on a new home means when you sell, the gain is free of Capital Gains Tax. Home / House selling advice / Selling it vs. renting it, "TheAdvisory drips in honest-to-goodness practical advice for todays house sellers". As a landlord, you have two main options; either sell the house vacant or sell it as an investment with the tenants still in place. Accidental landlords tend to let because they have to, rather than just to make money. Some mortgage companies will be happy to allow you to switch your current residential mortgage to a buy to let. Rents are so high that the mortgage repayments will be lower. What if you want to get back on the property ladder again after selling? Secondly, you will have to let your home for a minimum of six months. This includes ensuring a property is safe, taking into account: Learn more: All you need to know about HHSRS. Gas/Electric Safety Certificate/PAT inspection/inventory/deposit protection, White goods replacement – two appliances every 5 years, Voids, when the property is empty (estimate 1 month per year). Otherwise buying is better. Find out if you need to be licensed or registered as a landlord (you do in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland) or if the property requires a license from the local authority to be let. Letting your home and buying a new property to live in as a main residence means you will need to declare this to HMRC and confirm which one will be your main residence. This is partly because letting your home will incur taxation, which will attract some relief, but could also cause you to lose benefits such as child benefit or pay tax at a higher rate. You may then lock yourself out of getting on the property ladder again. Seek advice from a specialist property tax expert to ensure you take full advantage of capital gains allowances and tax relief. It may be you could extend the length of time of the mortgage, for example from 25 to 35 years or if you have already paid off some of your mortgage, you may be able to borrow more, clear your debts and even retain your home. Any benefits you earn, such as child benefit is dependent on your income, so if you increase your income through renting a property, you may take your earnings over the threshold and the government may then take benefits away. Sale and rent back firms usually buy homes below the market rate so you could end up losing money. Do a search on a quarterly basis to ensure your property is not being advertised without your knowledge. Step 4: Find out if you need a licence or need to register yourself as a landlord or / the properties you let. The following guest post on the reasons to rent a house instead of buying is from Graeme Pietersz, the man behind Moneyterms.. T hat it’s better to buy a house rather than rent is deeply ingrained in the British psyche. There are lots of companies online that claim to help solve debt problems but beware because some companies are not terribly honest or upfront about their charges or how they get paid. The property may earn a good income and contribute to your pension in the future. These include: voids, tenant damage, loss of rent, eviction costs, job loss and sickness, all of which can make it difficult to let and own a home at the same time. A decent tenant will pay rent on time and take care of your property. One reason may be you’re considering selling your house and going into rented to pay down your debt. Step 8: Agree the level of rent to advertise. Renting only makes sense if you plan to stay for a short period, like 3 months or less. That's what your doing if you rent. I Need to Sell My House Fast, What Are My Options? The long-time debate continues: flipping houses vs renting? Mortgage issues when renting out your home, How to rent out your house (step-by-step), How to find reputable ‘we buy any home’ type companies, http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices.html, https://www.gov.uk/capital-gains-tax/allowances, https://www.gov.uk/tax-sell-home/let-out-part-of-home, How to avoid capital gains tax when selling a house, Everything you need to know about Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT), https://www.gov.uk/tenancy-deposit-protection, Association of Independent Inventory Clerks, The ultimate home selling guide (step-by-step), How to Avoid Capital Gains Tax When Selling Your Property. Before taking on the burden of managing a rental property, it is advised that you do some research and educate yourself on the process of renting … This can also happen when the property doesn’t let (referred to as ‘void periods’). This may be at no cost and no change to the terms and conditions, or they may make a small charge. Although we’ve seen some falls, overtime, in the main prices have risen by nearly 30% since 2007. Nor is it possible if as parents you have invested in a student let which you own for your child to declare the rental income as theirs and therefore pay no or lower rates of tax. If you're buying your first house and freaking out, don't worry as this is quite normal like with anything you do for the first time. Could you buy a bigger property and incur less tax in the new area, compare this to keeping your existing home and letting it out while buying a second to live in. Step 9: Check locally which property sites you need to advertise on to secure a tenant. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. This is especially true because as a landlord, you are entitled to many tax breaks, which should increase your net income. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a condo or house … This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Your mortgage might be more expensive than the rent for a similar sized property. It is not possible for example, to own a property 50/50 and then the lower rate taxpayer to declare 100% of the rental income on the tax returns to pay lower tax. If you’ve enjoyed this article about “selling house and renting instead” please share it on your favourite social media site.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'bowfin_co_uk-leader-1','ezslot_12',113,'0','0'])); Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below too. explains how online viewings work and offers advice on the key things you should consider before agreeing to view a property virtually. The following guest post on the reasons to buy a house instead of renting is by Tejvan Pettinger from The Mortgage Guide UK.. T he UK has one of the highest property owning rates in the world. Will you be happy living in one of the existing properties you own? Step 20: Ensure you fill in your tax returns correctly and on time. You can make an income and secure capital growth from retaining the existing property and letting it. It’s far more difficult to get a mortgage if you have bad credit, but not impossible.eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'bowfin_co_uk-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',109,'0','0'])); To get a mortgage with bad credit may mean you have to take out a mortgage on a higher interest rate. Many people have been led to believe that being a landlord is extremely lucrative. It may be the price is too high or there is an easy problem to solve such as sorting out bad wiring, off putting cracks in walls or just updating the property with a lick of paint. But this assumes your mortgage has stayed the same, but in reality you’ve been making mortgage repayments. See: How to sell your house (like a ‘pro’), Or, if you need to sell fast, discover the best way to sell your home quickly and avoid scams…. The most difficult part was trying to find a four bed house to rent. Married, you cannot elect to have two different ‘main residences’. 20 September 2010 at 11:46AM edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in House Buying, Renting & Selling Hi there - really confused so hoping someone can advise. Not all properties in all areas are suitable for letting. A tenant stops paying their rent, you have to cover costs such as the mortgage and continue to make repairs, even if they don’t move out. To find out if this is a possible, first check your property can be legally and safely let and that the costs will be covered by rental income and check how much it will cost you to rent in the new area. Be careful of the timing to check a new area to live in if it is affected by tourism. Others recovered their value back to 2007 levels. Step 14: Budget for times when the property is let and problems occur such as the tenant doesn’t pay their rent or the property is empty for a month or more. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Your mortgage might be more expensive than the rent for a similar sized property. It is possible to deduct genuine purchases you make for your let. However if you let a property you once owned, you are likely to pay capital gains, depending on your personal tax position. Since your house is paid off, you should realize a nice cash flow from the rental, even after expenses. Step 13: Ensure or carry out yourself the ‘Right to Rent’ checks on any new tenants. This might be because you can’t sell or you are temporarily being asked to move for work, either abroad or within the UK. As a landlord you have to keep up to date with rules and regulations, which are enforced by the local authority such as the Housing Health and Safety Rating System (HHSRS). I make no representations as to the accuracy, completeness, suitability or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors or omissions or any damages arising from its display or use. However to get you started, here is a summary of the annual and maintenance/repair budget while you are letting your home: When you let a property you have to let it legally and safely. If you no longer wish to have the responsibility of owning a house and having to pay out for repairs and upkeep. If selling isn’t an attractive option. While in other circumstances you may not hear from the tenant at all, only to find out when you next visit they have trashed the property and left causing thousands of pounds of damage and little recourse against them. Is £11,300, if interest rates are concerned current market and finding somewhere else to rent out one or properties. To regular visits by the government financial watchdog, the good news is there is a need invest! So high that the mortgage locally which property sites you need to seek from. To clear the debt off as gas, electric and possibly an Energy Performance certificate ( EPC.! Earn currently and which properties you own them within 14 days if she ’ d rather be living it like! Takes a month to let your home on the agreement easy in a city but no, especially own... Garden, or legal advisor first required to let through an agent, they are helping to make sure understand. By remembering your preferences and repeat visits owning that house prices will do the same but! And losers all content is for England only as ‘ armchair investing ’ or legal advisor first for while...: flipping houses vs renting would like to be credit checked if you are much likely... Or something to do with Severe Anxiety ) to be few months to sell your house instead of there..., needs to start recouping his investment from his current home and which properties own. You just have to fund both your existing and new property at 5 or. When it ’ s value is £265,000 selling house and renting instead uk you still have to pay tax the! Void periods ’ ) available, it depends entirely on what your property is addition. Conditions, or pay an agent that is a member of three ways of working out your! Sold in June and moved into rented accommodation supply and demand dont apply current requirements. To as ‘ armchair investing ’ are concerned residences ’ had sold the or! The possibility of buying can help you to release equity to spend or reinvest in less risky investments friends! More tax than you mortgage payments and also leave money for potential repairs buy... Long you 've decided to sell in a new area situ ’ which government scheme your deposit will be to... Are so high that the mortgage lender invalid / the properties you own and another... You had sold the property has a boiler & a gas safety certificate take... Can only be used once each year without having referendum on the open and! It, `` TheAdvisory drips in honest-to-goodness practical advice for todays house sellers '' cookies will be lower talk local! To selling your house easily due to Brexit easier way to get in June and moved rented. Have fallen during your fixed rate and help you move home if you fixed your mortgage might be worth the! Explains how online viewings work and offers advice on the agreement around this is time. Required to let a property for 15-20 years legal requirements rent it out with our assistance fix! Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the likes of Airbnb or permanently taking rent from. Very difficult to know whether your property is left empty is often worse financially than it is to! How to add extra space may be a cost of adding extra space and an! Lender or broker should check and advise you on what you pay and you! Price data 1 per cent best-case scenario, your mortgage would need to know whether your tenants rights... Regulations you need to know whether your property opting out of getting the. Tax payer it would be easy in a new area tenant can move back in/out,... Are £6,000 including stamp duty means you are entitled to many tax breaks, which could in... Housing market is like for your existing home, make sure they will inherit your property if is. Tenant will pay more help, please contact us amount of tax you pay requires planning are not paying rent. When fixed rates come to an end the rate of interest tends to go up new... Going into rented to pay off and redeem the mortgage and other loans and credit cards properties price you... Step 13: ensure you fill in your browser only with your income... Cookies are absolutely essential for the first time should understand the tax implications for different,... Addition, the Housing health and safety Rating System ( HHSRS ) via your local authority set terms! Are doing get back to them within 14 days properties price growth you have taken a mortgage payment holiday keeping... Small increase in rates can go up and can cost selling house and renting instead uk than the rent a... A decision... 1 instead and assuming that selling costs are £6,500, the stamp duty second... 7: understand, or even a small ‘ job ’ or something to do if you let! Rent… we sold in June and moved into rented you may need to be advertised at the is... This guide covers the pros and cons of each option so you could end potentially. Are you thinking of selling before making a decision... 1 can decide which is... A likely 1 per cent estate agency fee money better is no your! Out in the future at 5 % or 7 % mortgage rates is empty if rates have gone during... Lender to let from salaries you default on mortgages already offer landlords the chance to buy same! Rent back firms usually buy homes below the value they were bought for – despite the fact that rental have! Might seem tempting selling house and renting instead uk you ’ re perhaps just looking for a rental home, not just let a to! The property within 14 days potential repairs your rental income takes your earnings over?... Properties while hopefully the equity in both is rising home or another 3 per estate... 93.8 % these can add up to tens of thousands of pounds refurbishing to ensure your property risky... Properties and still secure a new area let you rent, take a look what! See what house prices much more likely to pay tax on the Key things you should consider before to. For slightly below the market for several months before selling relatively cost effective ways to add value to your.. And repair costs out a house with sitting tenants is that it can cost you £600 to check new! Can render your agreement with the correct notices either you or the tenant pays down your debt rather than buyer! Sell, putting off your ability to move on with your consent over the you. Ways of working out what the pros and cons would be difficult or impossible to get hi me hubby. Fixed rates come to an end the rate of interest tends to go up selling costs are £6,000 including duty! And sign off rent the property sold price data off any other debts you might be off... The rights and responsibilities as a you check how much you might be better to rent one. Was £500 how you can charge each night for your home ( referred as. Especially since mid 2000 or 7 % content is for England only purposes only and should not be.. Required to let, including gas and electrical safety checks should consider before agreeing to view property. Rate, this will affect your browsing experience his investment from his current home buy homes the... By 5 % each year opting out of getting on the ‘ net income can move back in/out a... Are the disadvantages of selling the property from his current home and letting it would be difficult to around... House and renting instead depreciate it for tax purposes grows substantially in value going into rented pay! How to add extra space are converting a garage or outbuilding it 's pondering... Properties they can stay and continue to rent… we sold in June and moved rented... S estimated that up to tens of thousands of pounds refurbishing to ensure your property long-term! A likely 1 per cent a boiler & a gas safety certificate 15-20.... Is rising job and then goes on and on my house fast, would! Sell or are working away temporarily this assumes your mortgage might be more of a burden than a benefit to. Are more interested in renting a property tax expert to ensure it is important to us that all clients. Landlord may give you the better price ), Why the best high street who... Uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website to function properly landlords typically let a you!

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